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Re: AO-40 current ALON/ALAT

Conditions under the new ALON/ALAT are about what Stacey predicted--good 
shortly after perigee.  Yesterday I noticed the signals on both U-uplink and 
S-downlink peaked for me between MA=50 and MA=70.  In fact, some of the 
stronger US, OZ, and DL stations were a solid 58 or 59 signal report here, 
compared to some difficult copy just an hour before at MA=35.  And I was 
tripping LEILA, a rare occurrence with my small antennas.  Although the 
squint was barely under 15 degrees for me, the range was less than 45,000 
km--making a BIG difference.  

Since AO-40 repeats somewhat every 4 days, look for similar good conditions 
this Thursday between 1500 and 1730 UTC.  
73 & Happy Holidays,
Jerry, K5OE

Mike73@aol.com writes:
> From Oscar 40 2135 UTC 12/23/2001
>  M  QST AMSAT OSCAR-40                                2001-12-23   
>  ALON/ALAT= 341/-10 on 2001-12-23, ALON decreasing 14 deg/week
>         *** See N-block for schedule. NOTE: MB->S2/KTx  ***              
>              *** Middle Beacon OFF during RUDAK *** 
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