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Repeators in Space

Hope to get some comment going about this , but I have been wondering : how
long did it take a signal to reach the moon from earth or vice versa during
the Apollo missions ?  As well, how long does it take a signal to reach our
Mars probes and landers that we have had ?  Do you think it might be
possible in future missions to place machines in space that would act as
repeaters between distant places so that we might cut or eliminate the time
that it takes for a signal to reach earth ?  From listening to Sputnik 41 ,
I understand that there were amazing things that could be done with just 500
miliwatts while it was in our orbit.  Just think what we might do with such
a "space buoy " like a 30 or 50 watt-er placed between us and some distant
Every dream has to be born some place.  These are the thoughts that lead to
invention, don't you think ?
    73' and Merry Christmas
     de ' KF4FQT

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