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Need Schematic or information for a ICOM AG-25 and/or AG-35

I have a ICOM AG-25 (144 Mhz) preamp and a AG-35 (430 Mhz) preamp that I
received as a gift with no documentation. I am not sure they even work
so I do not want to spend a bunch of money on additional parts to try
them out. I have searched the net and not found much other than a gain
value (about 15dB) and that it should switch on transmit and handle
100W.  I also know it needs voltage fed up the coax. I have a TS-2000X
and it does not provide voltage. Can someone tell me how to route the
voltage input into a separate connection I can add out the side or
bottom. Also does the preamp sense the RF and switch automatically using
the 2 relays inside or is it looking for another control signal up the
coax when it is time to switch.
I would like to use these two preamps with a satellite station I am
setting up and would like to test them out and if found good then use
them by making some kind of simple mod. to provide the power.
If someone could scan a schematic and email it too me that would be a
big help as well. I have a standard amsat email alias address. Any help
or advice will be appreciated.
Fant - W0TFS

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