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RE: [aprssig] RF exposure limits!

Sorry, some of readers appear to have missinterpreted my post about solar

> A rather simplistic comment Bob.... and dangerously misleading for those who
> might not realise you were just being sarcastic...  Skin Cancer is an
> all too common result of exposure to that nuclear furnace that you just
> trivialized...

I am (was) a red head and have two red head kids with light complexions
and my father has lots of skin cancer on his bald head.  I am and have
been all my life very well aware of the dangers of sun exposure.  and  I
wasn't  being sarcastic at all.

> ... However, deep tissue exposure - due to close proximity to RF is
> what the Government exposure standards are addressing...  ... and less
> you misunderstand that issue too, our average [radar] power was less
> than a couple of living room light bulbs ... but our peak power would
> kill a half kilometer away under very special conditions...
> ...I think you are not only out of line on this one...  you are
> dangerously out of line... because of how you just trivialized a very
> serious issue....
> I acknowledge the fact that the common media often oversimplifies serious
> issues while on the other hand uses scare tactics to overdramatize truely
> trivial issues...  but this is not a trivial topic....
> I'd also suggest when you quote studies in the future.... that you
> reference the study.... or URL...

No study.  Its common knowldege that the sun is 1000W per square meter and
the ARRL license manual shows the exposure limit is 1 mw per square
centimeter up to 100 GHz.  But I never said the two were related, only
indicated how people can missinterpret things... as apparently some
readers on this sig just did...

de WB4APR, Bob

> > To:	TAPR APRS Special Interest Group
> > Subject:	[aprssig] RF exposure limits!
> >
> > When you walk outside on a sunny day, you are standing next to a
> > Nuclear Fusion furnace and exposed to all manner of nuclear fusion
> > products including dangerous Electromagnetic Radiation.  The radiation
> > from the sun is 100 times greater than what is considered safe by the RF
> > exposure limits set by the government.
> >
> > Now, of course, this is an extrapolation, typical of what the News Media
> > does all the time when it distorts facts...   the RF table in the Radio
> > Handbook only goes to 100 GHz, but if you extend the posted limits up to
> > 100 THz, then,  that is 100 times less  than the 1000 watts  per square
> > meter that the sun produces on your skin.
> >
> > Just a tidbit of trivia ...
> >
> > Bob

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