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RF exposure limits!

I made a flippant remark about RF exposure a few weeks back, and just
happened across the data this morning.  FOr what its worth...

RF Exposure Hazard:

When you walk outside on a sunny day, you are standing next to a
Nuclear Fusion furnace and exposed to all manner of nuclear fusion
products including dangerous Electromagnetic Radiation.  The RF radiation
from the sun is 100 times greater than what is considered safe by the RF
exposure limits set by the government.

Now, of course, this is an extrapolation, typical of what the News Media
does all the time when it distorts facts...   the RF table in the Radio
Handbook only goes to 100 GHz, but if you extend the posted limits up to
100 THz, then,  that is 100 times less  than the 1000 watts  per square
meter that the sun produces on your skin.

Just a tidbit of trivia ...


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