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Re: Mystery effect

Greg Preston wrote:

...if one (or more) of the panels on the spacecraft were blown open and 
as a result, positioned such that the flat-black paint on the interior 
was catching full sun--it may be possible to experience the same 
pinwheel effect.

Alan NE1H wrote:

I believe that all sides of the SC except the top and bottom have 
solar panels on them and they indicated based upon current telemetry 
that they are there and intact.  While your logic could be also 
applied to the top or bottom (remember the omnis), I'm not sure it's 
spinning with those axis being exposed, more likely it's 
spinning "about" those axis.  

Wayne W9AE replies:

A chunk of metal blown out from the top or bottom of the spacecraft could potentially 
be in ANY orientation, leading to "radiometer" forces on any axis.

I look forward to hearing from the controller team if this theory has already been considered.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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