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Re: yaesu

Several years back I dropped a FT-411 HT into the Suwannee River during a
canoe trip. I managed to find it and dry it out, but it displayed trash and
wouldn't work at all. I sent it to Yaesu after calling to get a RMA. 3 weeks
later I get an estimate by mail for over 365 dollars to fix a radio that was
selling new for 249. Naturally I called them to tell them to forget it, and
they wanted to charge me 25 for this "estimate". No mention of that when I
sent it in, so after 30 minutes of arguing and climbing the repair tech food
chain I finally got them to send it back for just the shipping instead of
keeping it for "scrap". When I got it back I took it apart and realized it
had a internal battery for the CPU. Disconnect...wait....reconnect new
battery...worked perfectly for the next 4 years until I gave it away.

Imagine a repair bill 40% more than a new radio...for a 2 dollar battery.

Drew, KO4MA

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