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Re: Mystery effect

One thought about the crazy theory.

I believe that all sides of the SC except the top and bottom have 
solar panels on them and they indicated based upon current telemetry 
that they are there and intact.  While your logic could be also 
applied to the top or bottom (remember the omnis), I'm not sure it's 
spinning with those axis being exposed, more likely it's 
spinning "about" those axis.  It has to be or the pointing would be 
pretty funky and the spin modulation would be incredible.

But, interesting thought non the less.  My guess, it's a multiple 
effect.  Aerodynamic drag at perigee, out of balance because of 
the "event", etc.  

If we only had a "fly by" camera..... If, if if... :)


--- In amsat-arch@y..., "Greg Preston" <preston@t...> wrote:
> Greetings All,
> Just thinking about the ongoing "mystery effect"...how persistant 
it is.  I
> have a theory about what it could be and how to test the theory 
during the
> coming weeks of changing spacecraft orientation.
> Have you ever seen one of those little solar novelty toys 
consisting of
> diamond shaped paddles on a pinwheel balanced on a needle, and all 
> inside a vacuum bottle the size of a 100 watt bulb??  When you 
bring a
> strong light source near the device, the paddles (black on one side 
> white on the other) begin to spin.  I'm not really sure how it 
> suspect it has something to do with heat absorption.  My point is 
that if
> one (or more) of the panels on the spacecraft were blown open and 
as a
> result, positioned such that the flat-black paint on the interior 
> catching full sun--it may be possible to experience the same 
> effect.
> This could be tested by carefully measuring any changes in 
the "mystery
> effect" force with the widely varying ALON/ALAT over the next 
period.  And,
> if we know the position of the spacecraft relative to the sun, we 
may even
> be able to tell where and predict the extent of damage to 
the "skin" of the
> S/C.
> Just a crazy theory, but, what the hey?  Why not put it to the test?
> Cheers,
> Greg
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