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Re: Apollo 8 (was: Re: New pictures from SCOPE on AO-40)

> Yeah, well, you got me on that one. I was thinking of the first photo of
> the Earthrise taken from Lunar orbit. I think TIME magazine called it
> the "Photo of The Centry" or something similar. Thanks for the
> correction. I still remember hearing the Astronauts read The Bible from
> orbit, and just being transfixed. I wonder if they could do that today?
> 73, Jim  KQ6EA

That was definitely Apollo 8.  I think that was Frank Borman that did 
the reading from Genesis, and it was on Christmas Day 1968 if I recall 
correctly.  There was a *very* funny scene in the HBO miniseries around 
the first Earthrise -- Borman, Lovell, and Anders just sitting there 
transfixed by the sight for the first few seconds, then one of them says 
"Oh .. CAMERA!!" and they all grab Hasselblads and start snapping away.  
68-HC-870 was one of those shots, and I think I have an original NASA 
print of it at home -- been meaning to hang it in my cube .. ;-)

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