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Re: AO-40 reception on a 3m TVRO dish

Concerning adding AO-40 to a 3m TVRO:

> I realized, duh... by just folding a piece of RG-58 into a 2.4" dipole on
> the bottom edge of my Chaparral feedhorn, bingo, I get a perfectly
> tracking AO-40 3m dish for free!...  (see PHOTO1 and PHOTO2)
> http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/ao40ant.html  (about mid page)
> THe 3m signals are not 9 dB stronger than my 1m dish as I
> anticipated...

DUH... That was with an unmodified DRAKE (and sigs were barely readable).
Went back up and put in an unmodified AIDC 3733 and get S9 on the beacon
(S0 on noise) or over 12 dB of SNR..  Armchair copy on all the SSB

I can't believe I been talking about doing this for so long and just
forgot that I have a 3m dish at work right at my operating postion.  So to
heck with putting up the 3m at home, this way I can show off AO40 just
about anytime with the handheld TV remote in the office!

de WB4APR, Bob

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