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New pictures from SCOPE on AO-40

Dear all,

RUDAK and SCOPE team are glad to publish new
pictures from SCOPE cameras onboard AO-40.

The pictures were captures on 2001/12/15 19:50
UTC - 22:59UTC by RUDAK command station
WD0E Jim White. One of three pictures is the
first light from Camera-A (narrow FOV), even
though its normal operation was confirmed during
commissioning in the last August.

The pictures are published at:


Parameters are as followings.

Camera: B (wide FOV)
Date: 2001/12/15 19:50 UTC
Orbit MA: 82
Altitude: 53,000 km
Exposure: 0.1 second

Camera: B (wide FOV)
Date: 2001/12/15 21:33 UTC
Orbit MA: 105
Altitude: 57,600 km
Exposure: 0.125 second

Camera: A (narrow FOV)
Date: 2001/12/15 22:59 UTC
Orbit MA: 125
Altitude: 58,700 km
Exposure: 0.125 second

Our special thanks go to Jim endured 6 hour downloading !
Supporting from Bdale and Stacey is also appreciated.

73 - JA6XKQ Yoshi Takeyasu
for the JAMSAT SCOPE team

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