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QSO via 2 sats AO40 and AO-10

Hello All

To day december 19 / 2001 at 18:08 UTC an SSB QSO was succesfully
made between VE3NPC and i8CVS using two satellites AO40 and AO-10

The QSO started at 18:08 UTC when AO40 was on orbit 523 at MA 65.8
and AO-10 was on orbit 13926 at MA 186.6

Both stations VE3NPC and i8CVS  where using and aiming two separate
antenna systems.

One system with AZ and EL motors for L/S antennas to AO40 and the other one
with AZ and EL motors for U/V antennas to AO-10

VE3NPC uplink was on 70 cm to AO-10 while he was receiving i8CVS via AO40 on
S band at 2401.330  MHz

i8CVS uplink was on 23 cm to AO40 while he was receiving VE3NPC via AO-10
on V band at 145.905 MHz

VE3NPC  up 70 cm to AO-10  / down 13 cm from AO40
i8CVS      up 23 cm to AO40  /  down 2 meters from AO-10

The SSB signal from VE3NPC  via AO-10 where not to strong at the i8CVS
receiving system but  they where very well above the noise with slow QSB.

It would be very interesting  to have more attending stations for this
two-sats experiment in the future.

Any  sked is welcome via e-mail or directly on AO40

73 de i8CVS Domenico

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