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Re: AO-40 orbit 519

Reinhard Richter wrote:

> Hello all AO-40 users,
> on orbit 519 AO-40 was not silent between MA70 and MA87 and we had a nice
> time window between Europe and USA from 15 to 19 h UTC. I expected to hear
> many many stations from the US because it was sunday daytime, nobody had to
> go to work and even the church will not last very long. So I was checking the
> band, listening for cq calls and calling cq myself. Finally I could work at
> 16:22 KE4AZN with whom I made in July his 1st AO-40 contact already.
> It'been nice to meet him again. At 16:34 I worked W3PM and at 17:26 came
> W5UHQ into my log. Further I heard two W7 stations working Europe in CW.
> That was it. May it be that all the many others from which I read in this
> forum that they have finished their AO-40 istallation and are ready to
> operate via AO-40 have already given up because of the coming wintersleep of
> the sat?

    Having AO-40 on during the normal RUDAK did not help North America much
because most of North America was not yet in the footprint.  At my location near
Los Angeles, AOS was 1750z (MA 124), and I was still at church for a while after
that.  I did have 3 QSOs (including my first ever German station - DL1RG) between
1943z and 2058z, and that was pretty much all that was out there.  I was also a
bit disappointed in the lack of activity, although at least here in Los Angeles,
it took a lot of power to get a decent signal into the bird - I assume it was due
to squint, although it was not all that bad (12.5 degrees).  I found I was quite
weak with 60 watts into 40 elements CP on 430.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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