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Re: frequency jumps while listening to AO-40??

Lee wrote:

> It sounds like the magnetorquers were on.  The frequency shift you describe
> is common when the attitude is being changed which would be near the perigee
> part of the pass.  If you are decoding the beacon you can look at the Magnet
> System status on the AO40RCV status page or Magnet Pwr and Magnet Sys on the
> Nav page.  If you didn't copy the tlm blocks yourself you can check the tlm
> archive in a few days to see if someone else copied the data during the
> period in question.

Except it was no where near perigee.  I was noticing it from MA 146 to about
180, and Roger said the changes stopped at MA 220.  As to copying the telemetry,
I was copying it, and although I was getting mostly good blocks, AO40RCV was not
updating the displayed information.  This occured both while receiving the
telemetry live, and also when playing it back from disk file.

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