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GaAsFET part help?

(not directly related to AMSAT activities, but I bet someone here
I managed to blow up my 2m Mirage preamp (bad dog, no SEQUENCER) during
MS activity this past weekend.
As it would happen, I also have a known-bad TE Systems 2m preamp that
uses the exact same GaAsFET part.
But I have no schematics etc., for either, so don't know what to get to
replace them.
The device is marked 'Ak'...upper case A, lower case k, in green
printing.  Looking at it normally (like you'd read the Ak marking), the
two leads leaving the case left-right are fatter than the two leads
leaving up-down.
Thanks for any clues in advance; meanwhile plans are in place for the
sequencer (even badder dog, I had one and chose not to bother!)
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