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Something to try to improve AO-40 telemetry reception


I have been using AO40RVC, and my DSP-2232  using N4HY's enhanced modem
combined with P3T, running in parallel to capture AO-40 telemetry.  Averaged
over several passes, including very poor squint angles, the DSP-2232
outpoints AO40RCV by a small but consistent amount.  Perhaps 1 to 2 percent
better capture.  Of course that number might, and probably wood, change for
your particular receiving system.

However, the results were reversed until I tried a small tweak.  There is an
undocumented AGC command, AGC N/M, which applies to a whatever mode you are
using.  When you change modes, it resets to the default, AGC 2/2.  For the
400 baud TLM switching to AGC 3/3 seems to improve, slightly, the capture
efficiency.  By contrast, using 0 or 1 kills it completely.

I would be interested in anybody else's results.  You might try this with
other modes as well.  So far, no information from Timewave on what this
command is actually doing.



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