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N3IYR S band antenna

I have read several messages about my antenna. I must say that some were
very critical of what I have done. First, let me say that I used the word
secret about the feed design just for a laugh. I already told you it was a
helical! We all know what it looks like. Also, I have been in contact with a
friend that has access to X-ray equipment a week ago. I knew everyone would
be curious and I hope I can get an X-ray posted just for fun. When I used
the word BEST, I meant it. I have worked VERY hard developing this antenna,
and I believe it IS the best one out there. I was so frustrated with the
antenna I was buying and making I developed one I wish I had in the
beginning. I obviously like to tinker, but it gets to a point where nothing
seems to work well, and it's not "fun" anymore. The reflector is solid and
that's the best I could get manufactured for the specific frequency being
the PROPER shape and size. I would have loved to get a tight mesh  but that
was impossible. I still believe solid is better anyway.

Please try to understand that this is the first undertaking of this type I
have ever done, and I am trying to be as honest as I can. I never would have
gone this far if I didn't believe in this antenna. I'm a Ham, just like you.
I fell like I am providing a service.

It's just that I have become the person that I wish there was out there
before I wasted so much time and money on antenna that worked so poorly.

If you are happy with the antenna you have, GREAT! Don't fix it. But over a
beer and an S meter between mine and yours, I know who would be buying the
next round.

Glenn Rollins   N3IYR

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