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Yaesu 5500 Problem

I'm having a problem with my Azimuth rotator.

>From time to time it 'stops' when rotating (normally at start). When this
happened I move to the opposite direction and it moves again (some times I
have to play both keys few times). In the last few weeks it stops more often
and I thing the movement is more erratic.

Today it stopped again and doesn't start again commanding the other
direction. I asked my wife for help to play the keys while I putted my ear
close to the case and I can hear the motor but no movement. I opened it to
see if there is a broken dent or whatever, I have it open now in my desk,
but everything looks right.

Where must I look? What's the most usual cause for this kind of failure?

The rotator has very little use with an 60cm offset dish and a 19 elements
UHF beam (on my apartment balcony). The interior (and the exterior) looks
like new.

Please, any clue?

Also... Where can I find a exploding view or service manual of this rotator?

Thanks in advance.



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