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Telemetry from Ao40 with a 3733

N2YAC wrote:
>I am looking at using the 3733 down converter and grill for receiving
>telemetry data from AO40.


I have been using that identical system... specifically the 3'x2' grill dish
and AIDC 3733 with mods,  both from K5GNA, for 4 months with great
satisfaction.  Copying telemetry with the AO40rcv program was a snap. I
routinely get the beacon at s5 to s7 on my FT736 with no problem and only
get bad crc blocks when tuning to correct doppler or to realign dish

If all you're interested in is telemetry and don't care if SSB qso's are a
bit weak, then you could probably get by with the smaller 2'x2' version of
the grill.

The 3733 and grill dish combination should work just fine for the
application you describe.

Tom Kindel
NW5B, NAR 40705 L2, TRA 6382 L2
“Modesty is for those who have no Talent!”
Lazarus Long…

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