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Re: Re: N3IYR S-Band dishes

Yeah, I have read his site and didn't catch that.  If that is really the 
case, that isn't the "best feed" then is it?  I think the "tone" of that 
site its what got me going-- and I was having a bad day anyway. Nothing is 
new there, and yet there are claims of "secret design feed" (yeah it is 
there on the site) and "best" all over the place.

But, I did say it didn't seem too expensive to someone who wants to 
"appliance operate".  And it doesn't.  But the message I was replying to 
asked our individual opinion.  And I gave mine... geeze...

And, BTW, I've *never* said it was too hard or too expensive to get on 
AO-40.  It's easier than getting on low-band HF, IMHO.. and not much more 
expensive if you are willing to experiment.  And much more fun, BTW.

Anyone who wants to throw their BBQ away (on that site) can give it to me 
instead... Those dishes are great for portable terrestrial microwave rover 
gain antennas, or point to point links.  Oh, but, again, roving takes 

I guess what the group can get out of my experience is that it is easy to 
get 90 cm dishes for less money, and there are better feeds than helical 
feeds.  The patches work better in almost all cases.  For a half hour of 
work and $75 you can get a 3' offset fed dish and build a patch to fit.  The 
patches are really easy to build.  I'm still perfecting mine, but I will 
release DETAILED instructions on how to build two to three different 
variations I've tried shortly after the first of the year.

Fred W0FMS

>From: Ronald Long <rlong3@columbus.rr.com>
>To: amsat-bb@amsat.org
>Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: N3IYR S-Band dishes
>Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 08:55:52 -0500
>F. Spinner wrote:
>"Hmm.. If the feed is indeed a "special secret feed", it might be a good
>idea for someone out there who has one to have it X-Rayed, for the good of
>the rest of us poor amsat-bb folkes. "
>Come on, give the guy a break. Have you actually looked at his web site? It
>clearly states that it is a helical feed.
>I know you like to build everything but I think he has done a nice job. We
>need to encourage guys who are willing to supply some gear for us.
>73, ron w8gus.
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