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Re: N3IYR S-Band dishes

Hmm.. If the feed is indeed a "special secret feed", it might be a good idea 
for someone out there who has one to have it X-Rayed, for the good of the 
rest of us poor amsat-bb folkes.

I bet it is just a Helix feed.  It looks about the right size for that.  If 
so, a patch feed might still be better from what has been observed by 

There are many little "Free-To-Air, DVB" houses out there that sell 90 cm 
(3') offset dishes like that for about $50-$75* for Ku band Digital TVRO.  
Primestar dishes are about the same size-- for free.  It's a pity that this 
guy doesn't want to sell the "magic feed" by itself though.  But, for $150 
it doesn't look like too bad of a deal for those of you out there who want 
an "appliance" antenna.

To quote Art Collins (May 1925, age 16):

"The real thrill in amateur work comes not from talking to stations in 
distant lands ... but from knowing that by careful and painstaking work and 
by diligent and systematic study you have been able to accomplish some feat, 
or establish some fact that is a new step toward more perfect 

Such is my philosophy toward ham radio, and why I don't like the idea of 
"secret feedhorns"...

Fred W0FMS

* Some that I know of:  http://www.smallear.com, 
http://www.emantechnology.com, http://www.satcruiser.com

Haven't bought anything from any of them, so don't know reliability.

>From: Rod Adkins <rodadkins2001@yahoo.com>
>To: AMSAT BB <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
>Subject: [amsat-bb] N3IYR S-Band dishes
>Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 09:28:40 -0800 (PST)
>Anyone any experience with these yet?
>The 3ft has 25dBi claimed, the 2ft (may not be in
>production yet), 20.5dBi.
>Rod Adkins, WI6M
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