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Beacon Strength

Hi Hilton:

Yes, a lot of confused reports about the signal level of the MB existing not
only here. Part of the problem : a lot of stations report the S-units level
NEVER indicate wich level of noise have in a clear frec.
some times I copy stations over the AO40 and report me AND STRONG S9+  but
when I request the level of noise in the receptor you found the trick, in
this case the noise level raising the S7, offcourse the dif. between both
signal show me my real level: ONLY 2S units (i am not considere errors in
the S meter) and this 2S units , 12 db over the Noise is not to strong

I think a good practice is try to give the reports but incluide the level of
the noise, in my case the noise level in a quiet frec. is normal 1.5 to 2 S-
units and with a low squint angle I receive the Beacon S7 to S8, the
difference is 5S to 6S-units (30 to 36 db) but this is in the best case,
normally i copy the Beacon with 22 to 26 db. My system is 85 cm offset dish,
helix feeder (5.25 turns) , down converter MKU24 in the focus of the
antenna, 15 mts RG8 coaxial, second downconverter DEM144-28 and TS-140

73 DX



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