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Re: Beacon Strength

Hi Hilton..

Your right, One S unit equals 3 db this is doubled power this is the
reasong for this relation.
Also I have the same values for noise flor and max beacon S7, my antenna
1,6 mtrs and DEMI with squint around 3/5 if there was a biger dish the 
signal diference will bee grater.

Best Regards.

Alberto LU2FGN

At 01:23 p.m. 13/12/01 +1300, you wrote:
>For some time I have been observing what would appear to be somewhat
>extravagant claims for the strength of the AO40 Beacon. It is my
>understanding that the best level the Beacon can reach above the noise
>floor is perhaps 27 or 28 dB.  Another source measured this as around 21dB.
>My question is how can claims be made for S9+ levels when the standard S
>point unit is 6dB?   I would suggest that a more realistic level claim
>would be dB above the noise floor if this can be determined. With my modest
>set-up using an FT847 with attenuator on, pre-amp off and noise floor at
>under S1 on the meter, the beacon at best reaches S7.  Signals that don't
>upset Leila are around S4 or 5 which in IMHO would equate to 12 or 15 dB
>above the noise floor.  The S unit on the FT847 would seem to be 3dB?
>Regardless of the size of the antenna if you can detect the noise floor you
>have reached the practical limit of signal level?  I would appreciate some
>input from more learned persons on this, thank you.
>Hilton Meyer  ZL2MN
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