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Re: RE: Linux tracking software for Linux, clarification

Well spotted. There is indeed a bug in mtrack when trying to enter negative ALON/ALAT
numbers, I will attempt to track it down at the weekend.

I have been updating mtrack with some additions made by a PA amateur, it now allows for
multiple simultaneous satellites for example.

I have a question about the doppler shift display. At present I display the effect of the doppler
shift, this was very useful to me when working the 9600 Baud birds where there is only one
downlink frequency. So would it be best to display the doppler as:

i) Frequency 1:  2401.353 0 MHz   +7.2 kHz    2401.360 2 MHz
ii) Frequency 1: 2401.353 0 MHz  +7.2 kHz
iii) Frequency 1: +7.2 kHz

Answer in personal mail please, no need to bung the AMSAT-BB up with this discussion.

I hope to get a beta of the new version out of the door sometime next week. I cannot make
RPMs (real programmers use source tarballs :-) ) so I will only distribute the source version

Jonathan  G4KLX / HB9DRD
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