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Re: Ed's startup response

I would disagree about a 2m dish being too small on L-band. Two metre dishes have been
standard on 23cms tropo work in Europe for almost twenty years, in terms of gain they are
around the same as 4 x 23ele Tonna yagis but without the sidelobes and they are quieter
also. This all supposes that you have a reasonable dish feed that gives a reasonable
efficiency of course. This cannot be said of a 2.5 turn helical to feed a dish, a patch is far better
in that case.

With a 2m dish on L-band you are not far from being able to work some of the bigger EME
stations provided you have 100W or more. As an aside I used to use 30W to a 1.4m dish to
access mode L on AO-13.
60cms dishes are quite adequate for 6cms and 3cms and that is what I use mine for.

Jonathan  HB9DRD / G4KLX
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