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RE: Ed's startup response

You are correct, 20 watts into a 60cm dish on L Band will not do well. The
60cm dish will develop about 15db gain if the wind is blowing your
direction. You do one of two things. Diameter or power. I must stick with
60cm on my portable so I'll use 80 or 160 watts of TPO. That will yield from
2000 to 4000 Watts ERP. That should work fine. You will not burry the S
Meter, but you should be able to make do. I do fine with 80 watts TPO into a
15 turn Helix which also has 15 db gain.
Gunther Meisse

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> use as a portable. I have built a 2&1/2 turn L-Band helix feed to mount
> around the 2.4Ghz patch. Thus, I'll be L-band up link and 2.4Ghz down.

Hi Gunther,

I have been considering using one dish for mode L and S, but really
concluded from other peoples comments that one needs a bigger than 60cms
dish for the L band uplink even using say 20 watts at the dish.

What are your thoughts/experiences?

cheers and thanks

Graham G3VZV

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