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Re: RE: Linux tracking software for Linux, clarification



It appears it doesn't show it like I"m used to....apparently with the freq 
entered, as I had already done, it shows the "new" doppler adjusted freq...I 
was expecting a separate listing for doppler in Khz,like my other programs 
show. It appears this shows the "raw" dopplered freq...so I take it back, it 
does show doppler, kinda <g>

It really doesn't show the doppler as much as the "effect of doppler"...it's 
a little harder to work with because I have to subtract the f_o from the 
indicated freq on the display to get the actual or absolute doppler in Khz.

Thanks for pointing that out to me. 73

...hasan, N0AN

On Wednesday 12 December 2001 04:37 pm, Douglas Cole wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 December 2001 12:27, hasan schiers wrote:
> > Hmmmm...I downloaded and installed Predict, Mtrack and ordered the
> > SatTrak commercial (but free) CD. The only one I kept using was Mtrack.
> > It is small, fast and easy to use. It updates its satellite elements by
> > importing TLE's, which makes perfectly good sense to me. It doesn't show
> > doppler (it should), but it does show SQUINT. For a very basic tracking
> > program it's quite functional.
> But yes  Mtrack does show doppler , you enter frequency information ( up to
> three if memory serves ) , by clicking on the "edit", "satellite" ,
> "modify" buttons then select the satellite you want to change , in my case
> AO-40 , under miscellaneous I entered the MB frequency of 2401.323 and when
> I track the satellite it is very accurate in showing me doppler correction
> for my location ( well ok , within 4kc )  .
> > It isn't the equal of IT for dos, or LogSat Pro for Win, by any means,
> > but it is quite usable. I found predict to be a nightmare to try to
> > configure with mapping. SatTrak, I will probably try again later, when I
> > feel like digging through a ton of menus.
> I agree , though I was able to get mapping up and going for predict with
> the kind help of the fellow that wrote the map support ( sorry his name
> eludes me) and also John , I do like how predict runs , but prefer Mtrack
> also because of its simplicity and the fact that SuSE installs it by
> default on a full blown install of 7.2Pro .
> SatTrak was also too much for me ( like you say too many menus ) and
> besides I don't want to track like Nasa does , just want to track slow
> moving beasties like p3d ;^} , and thanks to both Johns ( Mtrack and
> Predict ) I can do that nicely !
> Thanks again folks for your efforts in making this software available to us
> satellite amateurs :)
> 73
> Douglas Cole N7BFS
> AMSAT #26182
> http://www.users.qwest.net/~cdoug3
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