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Re: RE: Linux tracking software for Linux, clarification

On Wednesday 12 December 2001 12:27, hasan schiers wrote:
> Hmmmm...I downloaded and installed Predict, Mtrack and ordered the SatTrak
> commercial (but free) CD. The only one I kept using was Mtrack. It is
> small, fast and easy to use. It updates its satellite elements by importing
> TLE's, which makes perfectly good sense to me. It doesn't show doppler (it
> should), but it does show SQUINT. For a very basic tracking program it's
> quite functional.
But yes  Mtrack does show doppler , you enter frequency information ( up to 
three if memory serves ) , by clicking on the "edit", "satellite" , "modify" 
buttons then select the satellite you want to change , in my case AO-40 , 
under miscellaneous I entered the MB frequency of 2401.323 and when I track 
the satellite it is very accurate in showing me doppler correction for my 
location ( well ok , within 4kc )  .

> It isn't the equal of IT for dos, or LogSat Pro for Win, by any means, but
> it is quite usable. I found predict to be a nightmare to try to configure
> with mapping. SatTrak, I will probably try again later, when I feel like
> digging through a ton of menus.

I agree , though I was able to get mapping up and going for predict with the 
kind help of the fellow that wrote the map support ( sorry his name eludes 
me) and also John , I do like how predict runs , but prefer Mtrack also 
because of its simplicity and the fact that SuSE installs it by default on a 
full blown install of 7.2Pro .
SatTrak was also too much for me ( like you say too many menus ) and besides 
I don't want to track like Nasa does , just want to track slow moving 
beasties like p3d ;^} , and thanks to both Johns ( Mtrack and Predict ) I can 
do that nicely !

Thanks again folks for your efforts in making this software available to us 
satellite amateurs :)


Douglas Cole N7BFS 
AMSAT #26182
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