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Hello all, Steve, K4DRJ here. A few hints for "newbies": Don't waste your
time with the helix, not even for feeds. Get the largest dish you can find
and use the patch feed. W5GNA's modified 3733 with a patch directly attached
with a surplus dish will get you as much signal as you need..I use a 5ft
aluminum mesh dish sitting on a pipe driven into the ground, no rotor system
yet- it's going on the tower. I use a 6db attenuator in the downlink cable
and use the Icom 910h internal attenuator to eliminate the rest of the
noise. SSB signals typically run 5 S units over the system noise.At good
squints the beacon runs 10 to 20 over S9. I have primestar dishes also and
yes they work really well with the patchs. W0LMD has a great site, read his
patch info.     roberts@qadas.com
Dishes are being scrapped. I just missed a 12 ft mesh al dish. It was hacked
up to get it in the bin at the local recycling center. Heart breaker. Here
in the south primestar dishes were given to the subscribers when the company
folded. People want them out of their yard. You can have the pole too. They
have just a small amount of cement, I pulled them up with the pickup. Makes
it simple to remount at home, just dig the hole to accomodate the concete
too.Hone your begging skills and put the word out that you need a dish.
Also: I'd like to see all us AMSAT guys represented on the QRZ site with our
email addresses at least. It's close to your own website with no trouble at
"The magic is not gone" Steve

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