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AO-40 70cm antenna side lobes?

Hi folks,

We've talked about the side lobes on the S2 antenna, where there is
significant energy squirting out at around 30 degrees.  I'm hearing
the beacon right now pretty well with a squint angle in the
neighborhood of 26 degrees.  MA is 209.

But, I can barely get into the bird with 100 watts CW to 2x8 element
beam on 70cm.  Heard NX7U very clearly calling CQ, but couldn't get
back to him.  If you're reading this, nice signal!  I tried...

I know that the off-pointed patterns of the various antennas are
different.  I'm guessing that the L band antenna has a lobe around
this angle, and the U band doesn't, and NX7U must have been on L.

Is there any other angle, other than 0/0, where the side lobes of the
S2 Tx and 70cm Rx antennas line up?  I'd like to know when I have a
chance to get in.  Also, perhaps we could use them during the
upcoming hibernation period.


Greg  KO6TH

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