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RE: VI1GM available on AO-40

de Peter VK1KEP @ VI1GM

I've now settled on ~2401.365MHz down.
Please call me.

It's been 'one of those days' !!!

We have resolved part of the pointing problem by disregarding the az-el
readout and using the joggle switch to tune for maximum on the beacon. 

The uplink antenna is very simple: a 1/4 wave antenna on 70cm! It has 100W
behind it, and a Bird Wattmeter says that 80W is making it to the antenna. I
have NOW placed a reflector behind the antenna - - a wire in/out basket that
I found in a junk room, strapped to the feed cable by string, and pointed by
manhandling the tripod on which it is all hanging while pulling enough cable
out the top to have it bend at the right angle to approximate the angle of
the superb 4.5m dish beside it. The result is a strong return signal. (NOTE:
This IS the University electronics lab we're talking about, and I was
assured that they were well on top of EVERYTHING! web:

Well, the sun is shining! (It could be raining.) 

2401.365 remember!

Best wishes,
Peter VK1EP @ VK1GM 

Professor of Electronic Engineering and Applied Physics 
Director, Centre for Advanced Telecommunications and Quantum Electronics
University of Canberra  ACT  2601  Australia 
+61 (0) 26 201 2515/2516/2411 (V) 
+61 (0) 26 201 5041 (F) 
web: http://beth.canberra.edu.au/atrc/

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de Peter VK1KEP @ VI1GM http://www.vk1.wia.ampr.org

I have subscribed from the University for today !

VI1GM is available on AO-40... 
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