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More: Canberra-world on AO-40 - 12DEC01 Marconi Day

More to my last... under...

Please understand that:

(1) We are part of a Marconi Day 'open house' for visitors at the University
of Canberra;

(2) The operators will be a mix of lecturers, students, blow-ins who have
only seen and never operated the equipment;

(3) The 4.5m dish is not directly linked to a tracking program, so we are
hand-controlling through its control head;

VI1GM will be on:
- from ~0001 till~1000 or 1100UTC 12DEC01
- '2401 beacon up to .400';
- concentrating on the quarter hours (00/15/30/45),
as this will allow several minutes of frenetic activity before then pointing
the 4.5m dish and then hopefully a happy few minutes of contacts before the
inevitable crowd reconfigures itself for the next contact.

We have several skeds, but will concentrate on eastern-most stations that
will be rising for us then having AO-40 setting for them. For example, we
will be trying for Clare VE3NPC in Ottawa, with whom the window of
opportunity - and the angles above the horizon - are small!

HF??? Just listen out!

Best wishes to you all.

soon!!! VI1GM
see also http://www.vk1.wia.ampr.org

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From: "Ellis Family" <prellis@pcug.org.au>
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 9:33 PM
Subject: Canberra and the world on AO-40 - 12DEC01

> The University of Canberra special events station wants to talk to the
> on 12 DEC 01 to commemorate Marconi Day.
> Using the SPECIAL CALLSIGN... VI1GM (Guglielmo Marconi) from 0001-1000
> (or1100) UTC on satellites of opportunity with an early focus on AO-40.
> See details at http://www.vk1.wia.ampr.org and follow the link to Radio
> Foundation (Marconi) Day .
> We can uplink on 70cm (and possibly 2m), and downlink on 70cm, 2.4GHz, and
> HF.
> Who will try?
> Please reply to prellis@pcug.org.au by 2000UTC 11DEC01, with your
> availability: satellite, frequency, and time, etc.
> Make Marconi proud!
> We will also have the HF station VI1GM active on voice and cw.
> Best wishes,
> Peter VK1KEP

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