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10' TVRO Dish for AO40?

The old TVRO dish is still in my backyard with the LNB removed
but all else still there. The position control still works.

Question: Will the beam width be too narrow for AO40 S band
reception? My BBQ dish and linear feed just isn't cutting it.
There is a lot of local RFI on S band here. (Either Microwave
ovens, cordless phones, or wireless remote speakers, etc.)

I'm thinking of using a small helix feed and under illuminating
the dish to reduce earth noise and widen the beam slightly. Is
this a practical approach? I would have to use the manual elevation
adjustment for corrections to the old geostationary path angle in
order to stay aimed at the satellite. The dish is about 80 ft 
from my garage door. Feed line isn't a problem, but going out 
to make this adjustment when the weather is bad is. Maybe just 
use it near Apogee?

Ken K5MBV  Dallas. TX

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