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RE: Re: Yaesu FT-817

> I have one of these excellent little radios and I do work 
> some satelites with 
> it. The user manual shows how to setup five memories for UO14 
> operation. So, 
> that clearly contradicts what the tech told you.

I am led to believe the 817 will do crossband split mode.

> Even so, I don't work any satelites in half duplex mode; I 
> have a second and 
> much older radio as well. It is pretty obvious when people 

I prefer to work full duplex as well, but have successfully worked half

> try to work half 
> duplex; they call but never seem to receive.

Or it's a relatively inexperienced operator who doesn't know that they
should be hearing themselves on the downlink. :)  Get those all the time on
UO-14 - if I can find their email address on QRZ, I am happy to pop them a
note letting them know their situation and offering a few pointers. :)

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