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Re: [aprssig] Re: PCsat recovered (not)

On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, Alex wrote:

> Is PCSat open for business again?

No, since Wed 5 Dec, we have not been able to keep PCsat in low power
mode.  We are working round-the clock and now have enlisted the help of
command stations in the Southern hemisphere as well.  We thought we had it
fixed on Friday, but it only lasted 8 hours.

Apparently some stations in other parts of the world have complained about
the lack of current bulletins, but trust me, since launch we have
refreshed the bulletins on almost every pass over the command station.
The problem is that once PCsat passes though a long eclipse, it is
resetting and losing the bulletins.  We did not realize you were not
seeing these bulletins, even though we were uploading them constantly.

But since 5 dec, we are so low on power, we cannot even afford the many
extra packets needed to re-load the buletins.  SO around the world, almost
every orbit we have some stations trying to help us command PCsat back to
low power mode, but you will not see any new bulletins.  Pray we can keep
it in "00111111" state longer...

Even then, the problem seems serious enough that we will still not open it
for users until we see the long term prognosis.  However, on 12 Dec
commemoration of Marconi and OCSAR-1, we will use it in any case while it
is over Newfoundland.  SO  Unless it is dead by then, we will proceed with
that event...

de WB4APR, Bob

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