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BBQ transystem VS rf data link BBQ?

I just came accross an 2X3 BBQ grill for RF data link system on 2.4G (+-). I was 
using the Transystem package DC with all mod on the BBQ grill. With this system i 
got the MB near LOS at 2 or 3 s unit (on 847) at squint below 15.

I installed today the data link BBQ grill on the AIDC 3733 DC (special connector 
installed) the data grill came with the coax line already attached to the feed.
i got the following results

Time UTC    MA     Sigs                      elev         squint
0411           248	S5 (fade S3-S6)                   79
0422           251     S2-3 (fade)                           95
0424           251     S1-1.5 (fade)                        100
0425           252     LOS                                     105

I never get these level of sigs with the AIDC kit & antenna at that squint angle. Is it 
possible that secondary ant lobes at these squint can make these sigs?

I will try to check tomorrow at squint around 15 and less if sigs outperform the 
AIDC BBQ grill. MB peak at S6-S7  with this configuration and i'm curios to check 
the data link ant performance.

Did anyone experiment with this type of antenna?

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE (AMSAT 33583)
SITE WEB:http://www.sorel-tracy.qc.ca/~luclebla/
J3P 5N6

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