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Re: RE: Linux tracking software for Linux

On Sat, Dec 08, 2001 at 03:56:45PM +0000, Jeffrey S Austin wrote:

> IMHO, mtrack isn't worth installing let alone downloading. There is no way to 
> update the elements, automatically or manually. The author doesn't respond to 
> my messages concerning this issue. It's too bad, because the application 
> showed promise mainly because of it's lightweight. 

I have mtrack and built it on my FreeBSD system.  It's definitely 
lightweight, without most of the features of some of the more advanced 
offerings. It does seem to have pretty good prediction accuracy.  
The knobs are not always in the usual places and don't always work quite 
as expected. To update the keps, you need to download them via ftp or web, 
then inside mtrack select Satellite from the Edit menu and then pick 
Import TLE from the drop-down menu.  There's enough of a framework
that it could be expanded fairly easily.

I have also been trying to build TRK but there are some library issues
that I haven't worked through yet.

73 Mike W4LNA
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