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I connect the antenna as shown here:

Path feed as I understand can be treated as a little antenna
and it matches 50 oms.

I'm getting a big noise increase (S3) with an antenna too...I have tried to
shield it
by placing it into metal box and grounding that box to the cold
watter pipe, but the system is still noisy....the noise still remains
when the antenna is shielded.

Maybe somebody else had the same problem too?
At least for me it looks strange such a big noise increase.


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> You should always have an antenna connected to this type of convertor the
> first stage may well go into oscillation otherwise
> Regards Robert g8ate
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> >
> >Hi,
> >
> >I need  help from somebody who has the same converter.
> >Are other converters doing the same thing ??????
> >
> >I have a MKU24 downconverter.
> >I set the gain when there is no antenna attached to show S1
> >noise level on the S meter.
> >
> >When I attach the unwired N type connector (new) to the converter's input
> >I'm reading an S4 noise level.
> >
> >Noise increases approximately by 3 S units just by attaching the bare N
> >type
> >connector.
> >
> >Of course it works, I can hear stations , but I suspect I may be
> loosing a
> >few S units because of some kind of parasitic oscilation....
> >
> >I'm getting the same noise increase when I connect G3RUH patch
> feed to the
> >converter,
> >this I may be able to explain....the area is noisy, but I don't
> understand
> >why
> >I'm getting such a big noise increase just by attaching a bare N type
> >connector to the converter's input. And why is the noise
> increase the same
> >in both cases?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Gedas (kc8ium)
> >
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