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Re: Re: Linux tracking software for Linux

On Friday 07 December 2001 21:51, Mike W4LNA wrote in "Re: [amsat-bb] 
Re: Linux tracking software for Linux":

> I haven't designed anything that slow into any embedded computer
> system in the past 10 years.  Yes from my perspective, it is very
> slow, akin to a Mac Classic II.  Java on even 68040 Macs was
> pretty much of a dog.

<shrug> Never been anywhere near Java--or anything else, for that 
matter--on a Mac. Obviously if you're specing a chip for an embedded 
system that isn't going to be a consumer device made by the millions,  
like a Palm, you can go for something a bit heftier. My sense has been 
that the performance hit of bytecode interpretation isn't anywhere near 
as severe as some of the GUI grotesqueries that happened in early 
implementations of Java. That isn't a factor in J2ME. 

Naturally hand-coded C on a late-model x86 chip with dedicated floating 
point silicon is going to outperform a Dragonball. But if I recall, all 
we're talking about here is tracking *one* satellite at a time, with a 
reasonable refresh rate. The TAPR TrakBox running an 8-bit Intel 8031 
at 12MHz seems to be able to handle the job coded in C or assembler. 
Hard for me to believe a J2ME version would perform unacceptably.

Not that I'm volunteering to write one. :-)        

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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