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Re: Re: Linux tracking software for Linux

On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 08:50:22AM -0800, John Mock wrote:
> It does assume a UNIX-style library API, but almost everyone supports that
> to some degree (even some Mac compilers).  It can also operate in batch-mode
> and i've used that alot.  However, i used PREDICT as a basis for a homebrew
> FT-736 program as it was easier to make a library out of it and its license
> agreement encourages innovation/reuse.

SatTrack was written for Unix instead of Linux, so no, it's not a problem.

>     Sattrack 3.1.6 works fine but not great for AO-10/40
> It's worked OK for me on AO-10, but my antenna is fairly wide.  On the
> other hand, if there were really an issue there, it would have been fixed
> long ago. For AO-40, there's a patch out there which improves its accuracy
> but if i think part of what one has to do is to set ALON/ALAT differently
> by 180 degrees than other sat's(?).  I don't know how important the patch
> is, as i ran simulations before and after applying the patch (not having
> an AO-40 setup yet), and the results didn't seem very different.

The issue is fixed in their commercial version. Per their license, it is
not legal for anyone else to make changes to it, then redistribute it.
FreeBSD's port system fetches the original distribution, then can apply
patches on top of that, so in theory can handle it, but it still wouldn't
be legal to distribute a pre-compiled package/RPM/DEB with the changes
already in it.

> That is an issue for PocketSat, but i presume we're not talking about
> PalmOS.  There's a JAVA environment for PalmOS now, so that might be a
> good porting opportunity if someone wants to operate AO-40 portable.

I have Palm and Pocketsat, but can't imagine just how slow Java would
be on such an underpowered device.


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