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Re: Re: Linux tracking software for Linux

At 11:50 AM 12/7/01 , John Mock wrote:
>SatTrack seems to work well for me.
>Agreed.  I even had an earlier version of SatTrack running under MacOS,
>but alas, their copyright/license agreement precluded redistribution, so
>it never saw the light of day.  (*chuckle*  ...unless i took my laptop 

Once I even ported it to DOS for my HP 100LX palmtop PC...

>It's worked OK for me on AO-10, but my antenna is fairly wide.  On the
>other hand, if there were really an issue there, it would have been fixed
>long ago. For AO-40, there's a patch out there which improves its accuracy
>but if i think part of what one has to do is to set ALON/ALAT differently
>by 180 degrees than other sat's(?).  I don't know how important the patch
>is, as i ran simulations before and after applying the patch (not having
>an AO-40 setup yet), and the results didn't seem very different.

The bug was in the squint calculation, and it was NOT simply the
AO13 vs. AO40 problem.  It would produce errors of the order of 10 degrees.
I have a patch, that basically rewrites the squint calculation code
based on G3RUH's PLAN13 code.

Even without the SDP4 algorithm, I never saw more than a
degree or so of difference between SatTrack's AZ/EL numbers
and those of other programs, if the keps were not too stale.


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