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PCsat comamnd stn in Argentina?

Argentina station?

Thanks to the Europeans that responded to my request, but as we study the
problem further, we now realize that all northern Hemisphere stations are
in the same problem we are, PCsat is in the dark, or going into the dark
during current passes.  It just happens 6 hours earlier in Europe.

We need a command station in view when PCsat first comes OUT of eclipse.
That is only occuring now in the far south latitudes.  We need a station
in Argentina.  Of coure, Australia or NZ are ideal, but our work-sleep
schedulues do not match and the phone calls are cheaper to south America.

We have a station in South Africa (Johann of the SUNSAT team), but we just
missed his last pass for today.

So if the station in Argentina sees this before the 1630 UTC or 1810 UTC
or 1950 UTC passes, please send me privately your Phone number at your
station so I can talk you through the commands...

1200 baud AX.25 packet simplex on 145.830.

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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