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Re: Marconi/OSCAR-1 PCsat special event Celebration!

I only got one response to my need for a UK contact via AO27, UO14, ISS or
PCsat on 12 Dec from Newfoundland.  So if there is anyone else with good
low vis to the west on that day, please let us know. thanks.

> We [will] be at St Johns, Newfoundland celebration of Marconi's 100th
> anniversary transatlantic radio transmission on 12 Dec and OSCAR-1's 40th
> by operating PCsat, ISS, UO14, and AO27 and maybe others...
> We are mostly wanting to contact VIP stations in the UK (very brief joint
> visibility) that maybe at other hi-visibilty Marconi sites that day.  We
> are trying to get in touch with the Poldu ARC in Cornwall as well to see
> if they will be on satellite. [but have been unsuccessful]...

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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