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RE: anything is possible

> Several years ago an American ham got Satellite DXCC using nothing but
> RS-12.  Of course he took advantage of ionospheric propagation to
> accomplish
> this feat using Mode K (uplink on 15m, downlink on 10m).  But it
> still took
> considerable planning, propagation study, and careful timing.  The 10m and
> 15m signals needed to reflect off the ionosphere for part of the path, yet
> penetrate the ionosphere elsewhere to get to the satellite.  He would
> frequently contact a DX ham on HF just before a "special" RS-12 pass and
> ask
> the DX ham to transmit on a particular 15m frequency and listen on a
> particular 10m frequency.  He no doubt coached dozens of HF operators into
> making their first satellite contact.  I can't remember where I read about
> this.  It must have been either QST or AMSAT Journal.
> Wayne Estes W9AE
> off the air in Beijing, China until 13 December

I know the man who did this and talked to him while he was doing it.  He
already had every DXCC award known to mankind and he just needed another
challenge. He is N4ZC, Roger Burt. Great Guy and a GREAT DX'er!  His wife
used to get frustrated because she had to plan all her activities and meals
around the satellite passes.  She said he would be there talking to her and
get up real quick and tell her he had to GO!  Satellite coming over! Hi.

Rick Tilton
Foothills of NC APRS and Satellite Website

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