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Antenna Setup

Hi all!

I'm ready to setup my new antenna system and I need some advice and feedback
from some others experience about what I'm going to do.

I live in a seven floors building on the center of the city of Madrid
(Spain) .I plan to install on top a 12 meter guyed tower with a Force 12
CX19XR for HF and some satellite antennas on a mast on top of it. The
satellite antennas will be: a VHF and a UHF (to be determined) about 3 to 4
meters boom, and a 60 cm offset solid aluminum parabolic antenna for 2.4

My original thought was to install two different towers, one for HF and
another for satellite, but the Madrid's City laws and the neighbors only
allows me to mount one support. Because of this original thought I have one
HAM IV rotator, supposed to move the HF beam, and a Yaesu G-5500 intended
for the satellites (I have also the GS-232 for computer control of this

I like the idea of having just one control box with computer control, so now
a have to find out what to do and I have some questions:

May I use the G-5500 for the control of the HAM IV? (Some body already did?)
May I use some bigger rotator from Yaesu (lets say G-1000C) with the G-5500
control box?
Is there any other idea or better solution I can use?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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