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Re: "Trash Can" dish antennas

Good Morning,

As Bob says, this is an OE-82( ) antenna system for UHF SATCOM use.  It's
been standard on US Navy ships for many years.  As someone else pointed
out it does not auto track but it is stabilized in elevation (actually
roll and pitch) and azimuth with gyro inputs from the platform.  My
memory is a little hazy but I'm pretty sure it not really a "dish" type
of antenna.  As I remember (and my memory is hazy at best) there is an
arrangement of four (4) flat, square (or rectangular) radiating (and
receiving ) elements.  I always considered that they were broadband
dipoles in a 2X2 collinear arrangement but I'm not entirely sure about
that  I never thought much about "barrel" part of the but it may be, as
others have suggested, to shield against interference since the frequency
band in use is also used extensively for ship to ship and ship to
aircraft tactical communications. I'm sure there must be someone in this
group who has current experience with these antennas and could offer
better info than I can.

73 de Jess - W4MVB
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