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Re: Re: Linux tracking software for Linux

On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 11:54:34AM -0800, laura halliday wrote:
> Mike W4LNA <w4lna@knology.net> wrote about satellite
> tracking programs:
> >Most of the ones mentioned only work in Linux and not
> >on other Unix-based operating systems which is a shame...
> Any examples? All the programs I've played with
> run just fine on any OS with a runtime environment
> that vaguely resembles Unix (which is most of them).

On my FreeBSD 4.4-stable system:

Predict doesn't (dependencies on Linux kernel)
JStation doesn't (has Linux libraries to provide Java I/O)
Mtrack probably not if dependent on AX.25 kernel code

Sattrack 3.1.6 works fine but not great for AO-10/40

Haven't tried "TRK" yet...

> If a particular program doesn't, this is why open
> source is A Good Thing - if you wanted to build,
> say, predict on AIX/Solaris/whatever, you have
> everything you need to do so. If you do I hope you
> will distribute the diffs so that others can too.

Depends on how tightly around the axle of Linuxisms
it is wrapped and dependent on unique Linux kernel
features like the AX.25 code.

> There is nothing Linux-specific in sattrack, and it
> has been built on all sorts of systems - read the
> release notes, and the comments in the makefile.
> With the exception of the soundcard hooks, the
> same goes for predict.

FreeBSD can handle the OSS-style sound interface,
but there is no AX.25 stuff there.

73 Mike W4LNA
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