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Re: [aprssig] Marconi/OSCAR-1 PCsat special event Celebration!

Hi Bob,
I copied that a the 16:50 EST pass here,
Loud and clear.


>From: Bob Bruninga <bruninga@usna.edu>
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>Subject: [aprssig] Marconi/OSCAR-1 PCsat special event Celebration!
>Date: Tue, Dec 4, 2001, 18:08

>On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, JC Aveni [F8RCI] wrote:
>> 40 years ago remember ... 1961 december 12, USA Vandenberg ... launched
>> the  Discovery XXXVI with the first... radio amateur satellite OSCAR 1.
>We hope to be at the St Johns, Newfoundland celebration of Marconi's 100th
>anniversary transatlantic radio transmission on 12 Dec and OSCAR-1's 40th
>by operating PCsat, ISS, UO14, and AO27 and maybe others.  PCsat is loaded
>with a morse code "S S S S... " once every 3 minutes to commemorate the
>first transmission.
>We are mostly wanting to contact VIP stations in the UK (very brief joint
>visibility) that maybe at other hi-visibilty Marconi sites that day.  We
>are trying to get in touch with the Poldu ARC in Cornwall as well to see
>if they will be on satellite.
>de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob
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