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RE: Horizon LEO Link

> In my opinion of the last 2 or 3 years of handheld beam 
> operation where
> you can instantly "feel" the polarization, that veritical is 
> definately
> the way to go.  Most of the time, vertical works well.  The few times

Possibly.  I've always found it neessary to make a few adjustments, but from
memory, vertical isn't too bad.  However, you do get deep fades on UHF
downlinks, and I'd be more comfortable with circular polatisation for
antennas which are fixed.

> there is enough faraday rotation to make it perfectly horizontal is so
> rare as to not be worth it.  For the same reason, going 
> circular would be
> wasting 3 dB all the time for the 5% of the time when it might be
> beneficial.  Thus its normally worse than the vertical..

It will be somewhat less than that, because the signal is often somewhat off

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