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Re: "Trash Can" or steel drum dish antennas

I suspect that mechanical convenience is a big factor in using this design, both
when put in a fixed vertical position on a tower, or in a horizontal steerable
position on the ground.


At 01:41 PM 12/4/01 , you wrote:

> > > As an aside, anyone ever heard of a "cornucopia" antenna?  Some of the
> >  > old long-haul analog microwave sites run by the old AT&T still have some
> >  > up.  They are generally a cone pointing up with an "elbow" opening that
> >  > opens to the horizon.  Those have even better sidelobe/backlobe
> >  > performance.  I have some pictures in old textbooks; they appear to be
> >  > one of the original radio astronomy antennas.  And now they're all dark;
> >  > someone needs to pull one down and fire it up!!
>I believe you are refering to what I know as a "conical horn". Check:

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